Tuesday, May 11

Rub rice flour mixed with water(as thick paste) all over the face and make it dry and wash.Your black and white heads, dead cells from top of the skin will be removed and you can feel your skin soft and clear.

Friday, December 11

Oats with Green moongdhal Dosas

For diet and diabetic !!
I read this recipe and tried it at home, it really came well and delicious.

Dried or sprouted Green Moongdal - 1.5 cups
Oats - 1 Cup
Green Chillies - As per the taste
Salt - as per taste
carrots- 1 or 2 grated finely
onions - 1 or 2 chopped finely
curry leaves - if needed

Soak the green moong(if dried)at night, in water till morning.
Then blend the green moong,oats and green chillies together in a mixie as a fine batter.If water required can be added to make the batter smooth.(if it is sprouted dhal, you can add directly to blend it)
Then add grated carrots,finely chopped onions to it,little curry leaves, salt as per taste,and pour it as dosa and put a t.spoon oil around it(or you can avoid oil also).
It is really a healthy dish for morning, and also when served with coconut chutney it goes well to have extra dosas.The main part of it is eat hot and it taste too good.

Wednesday, September 23

If moong dal is not soaked previous day, dont worry!!

We might have forgot to soak the moong dal for preparing channa masala or sundal for next day.No need to worry.Some 1 hour before making the sundal, wash the dal and keep it in hot casserole.Pour nicely boiled water into the casserole and close it tightly , keep aside for 1 hour. After one hour you can see the dal become like soaked ones.Now you can directly keep in steam in cooker to prepare the recipes.

For crispy poories!!

Make the dough for poori.Then prepare the poori's with the dough balls made.Put them in a box and keep it in fridge for 1/2 hour.After that u can make the poori which are crispy and also will not consume much oil.